Student Feedback


Students described the session as: Helpful, Relevant, Very very good, Interesting, Fun, Cool and Educational.


‘‘I will think before I speak to make sure I’m doing the right thing. I feel more confident in myself, like I can control my emotions and more brave to conquer my fears.’’

‘‘Being part of the group has helped me calm my emotions.’’


‘‘Before this workshop I felt like I could not trust anyone or even ask for help or express my feelings. But now I feel that I have gotten a lot from these sessions. I can tell people how I feel and have become more confident. I’m really glad I came to this due to how much it has helped.’’

‘‘In general I have built confidence in many areas. The main area I have improved on is expressing my feelings and personality and standing up for myself. I also find I fit in much better and enjoy life more. Before I used to be really quiet and lacked confidence. I never got involved and I never fitted in.’’

‘‘Before in drama I was too uncomfortable to really put all into my performance because once I thought someone had laughed at me. After, taking part in these workshops I was confident enough to perform a great performance and got the highest grade possible. The drama teacher mentioned ‘It’s like you have emerged from your shell.’’

Teacher feedback


‘‘I would just like to thank you on behalf of the school for the work you have done with our students. It has been really pleasing to hear them talk very positively about the activities that they have taken part in during your sessions. We have already seen a difference in SJ who was quite withdrawn and made little eye contact, but now appears as a much more confident person - it’s lovely to see her laughing and joking with her friends and now taking an active part in lessons. LH was a school refuser but his attendance has gone right up.’’
Barnwell School

‘‘RF went to London, and thoroughly enjoyed herself - and said to me that the only reason she was able to go was due to the workshops with you - so a huge thank-you for that.’’
The DaVinci Studio School of Science and Engineering


Yr 9 Self Confidence feedback from Teachers (4 weeks following the sessions)

‘‘Student A and Student B in 9EN1 have both appeared to be in higher spirits, smiling (not looking down at their work) and able to answer questions in an enthusiastic manner. In addition, I would say Student A seems full of confidence and happiness, which is superb to see and I have been praising her work as suggested and this seems to have worked well.’’
English, Thomas Alleyne Academy

‘‘Student C has really upped his confidence - the way he is at rehearsals shows it clearly. ’’
Drama, Thomas Alleyne Academy

‘‘Student B has started asking questions in lessons and that is a step forward.’’
Maths, Thomas Alleyne Academy

‘‘In my opinion Student A has seemed much happier in lesson, especially when compared to the start of the year. She has come out of her shell much more.’’
Science, Thomas Alleyne Academy

‘‘I would say that I think that Student H has become more settled, more confident, more self assured.’’

TA Support, Thomas Alleyne Academy